Currently Developing…

Spiritual Successor to CD-i Games [Project RZ] (TBD)

Yes, I’m working on a spiritual successor/sequel/follow-up thing to the CD-i games The Wand of Gamelon and The Faces of Evil, AKA the “Harkinian Duology” as I like to refer to them. It uses the same underlying technology as the remasters (GameMaker Studio 2 as the engine, along with my modified scripting base I affectionately refer to as the “Dinner Engine”) but will feature modernized updates to the game design and other tweaks. Development is going very well, and I hope to share more updates with everyone as soon as I can.

Previously Developed

The Faces of Evil Remastered & The Wand of Gamelon Remastered (2020)

After four years of development time, I released my passion project, the Zelda CD-i titles, Remastered, out into the world. I intended for me and my close-knit group of online friends – those of us making jokes about these games for years – to be the only people remotely interested in something as ridiculous as this. I was very wrong (and should have known better, honestly). After a ton of media attention, I decided I really didn’t want to get any IP holders angry and voluntarily removed the games from download. No, I have never received a DMCA and will update you all if I ever do.

The reaction really was unreal, and in some ways I’m still reeling from it. In any case, if you stumble across a copy and decide to play it, let me know what you think. If you decide to stream it, let me know and I’ll probably pop in, time permitting.

Faces of Evil & Wand of Gamelon Remastered RANDOMIZER Mod (2021)

That’s not supposed to be there…

As a fun exercise, and a way to test the viability of modding the remasters, I created a mod for the games – a randomizer patch! If you’ve played any sort of randomizer before, you’ll know the drill – you can select elements of the game to be randomized on startup. In this particular case, you can randomize…

  • World Unlocks
  • Item locations
  • Boss locations
  • NPC locations
  • Boss AND NPC locations

…to make for a very fun, if crazy, experience. A new seed is generated at startup, and you can share your custom seeds with others if you happen to get a good one. Considering how the games are and how this was programmed pretty fast and loose, you’re guaranteed to run into problems or weird behavior, but that’s part of it! I had a great time making these. You can download them here (you’ll need to acquire the fan patched versions of the games first).


Suds the Bubble

Suds was my attempt to make a real deal game – a hand drawn, hand animated (with paper!) 2D platformer – for the first time. Unfortunately, things fell through (as do most ambitious indie games). The above GIF is a basic summation of my overall progress with the project. I might return to this at some point, but making a basic 2D platformer doesn’t particularly interest me anymore.

Hotel Mario Remastered

Created originally to test my game-making mettle, I abandoned this in favor of the CD-i games because they were more fully ripped. A few months after the release of the remasters, I toyed around with the idea again – ultimately, it’s not ripped enough, and I want to focus solely on my own IP going forward.


Audi’s Birthday Nightmare (2021)

A very small game where you play as videogame savant Audi Sorlie, fighting the terrible Annoying Things. Created as a small gift for him and as a micro game jam challenge for myself. I promise you don’t want to play this, so no link will be provided.

If you come across any other game on the internet developed by a Dopply, there probably is a good chance it was from me. However, these games are either horribly unfinished or offensive. Not terribly offensive – more scatological humor than anything else – but not something I’m comfortable featuring on my games page nowadays.